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^ pretty much this. ;) I'm taking Dusty and AmaranthineMaiden's world's in drastically different directions that counter (rather than equal) their mental states. Amara is dark so her TT world will become a paradise and Dusty is bright and cheery, so hers will become Post-Apocalyptic-ish. 

So far what I have is that there's a creature (I'm thinking alien, but maybe alternate dimention or something) is looking for someplace with an advanced-enough a civilization to crash so they won't be attacked for, well, ruining their world. Their form (and crash) uses the planet's natural flow to create a volcano around itself that cradles it as a life support system. But, of course, this crash and volcano have basically damaged the entire planet, plunging everything into a Post-Apocalyptic-ish state. It's not full-on or anything, just enough to make things gloomy for a good world theme. :)

Of course, this doesn't deter Dusty's optimism one bit! Dust-confsmilplz Dust-confsmilplz Dust-confsmilplz She befriends the volcano-person (which doesn't make her very popular with the civilians) and everyone makes the best of it. :D

This all takes place well after Dusty's main story, which I may edit up a bit, I'm still deciding. :plotting: 

Roll-bounce Yes these things are still happening, don't worry ;)

Dusty/ Hal

(more info about Amara's end of things to be seen in her account Amara-confcurusplz d-9 blush  )


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United States
stamp I RP fight by RedX-MarksTheSpot

This is who I am! Hello! :wave:

:bulletblue: The Teen Titans are my friend-family. :)
:bulletred: Red X is my husband (even if Robin says he's not). :love:
:bulletyellow: Mr. Blood is my uncle (but he's not very nice). :(
:bulletblack: Master Brain, Mr. Mallah, and Madame Rouge raised me (but they're not nice either). :(

:rose: I don't mind if you don't like me, because I've been through worse, and if you don't like me then you can be my enemy and block me. But if you hurt my friends or my husband, then you must be a villain and I will have to stop you and arrest you!

:rose: Right now, Robin is teaching me spanish and my deviantART account is so nice, I can't wait to upload another another picture!

:bulletpink: I do commissions.
:bulletgreen: I don't take requests unless my OC is in it as 100% as others are.
:bulletpink: I don't do kiriban.
:bulletgreen: I don't do art trades unless it's an agreement.

:rose: If I want to do these things I will tell you, but please don't ask first and expect a "yes"! I'm a hero, so I'm very busy.

A complete list of all my alternate accounts. SH heart 4 50 by Scintillant-H :iconscintillant-h:

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Were you still interested? I understand if you've moved on. :)
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